Emerald Beach Pizza & Pasta

Speacializing in Authentic Woodfired Pizzas

Flaming Hot Deals


     Available for Take Away


   1 Lrg Woodfired Favourite, 1 Traditional Cheesy Garlic Bread & 1.25L Drink 23.00*


2Lrg Woodfired Favourites 30.00* 


2 Lrg Woodfired Favourites, 1 Traditional Cheesy Garlic Beead & 1.25L Drink 37.50*


3 Lrg Woodfired Favourites 45.00*


*Excludes Gourmet Pizzas. Prices shown are for the standard woodfired favourites. Woodfired favourites with chicken or meatballs are an extra $2.50 in the deals.  



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